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Barite is a barium sulphate, sulphates having an anionic group of sulfur and 4 oxygens. The coordination is tetrahedral. Its name comes from barys Greek, meaning heavy. It is easy to identify mineral because of its great weight because similar minerals are more lightweight, it is also known as heavy spar because of its high density.


Barite is a nonmetallic mineral, its main use of barite is in the oil industry. It also has important applications in the paint industry as a pigment with acid resistance. Used in obtaining the element barium.

In the automobile to replace asbestos as a product friccionante in manufacturing brake pads industry. In the glass industry as a flux.

As protection in X-ray rooms because with its high density can absorb radiation in some cases replace lead.

In the medical industry to be ingested and a contrast medium in x-rays of the digestive system.

Other uses of barite are: satin and give weight to the board and the role of art prints, also material for silk.Powder is used as a white dye. Chances to be applied depend throughout the construction industry.


The main reservoir quality Barite Colombia is located in Ataco, Tolima whose operating license and land belong to SPECIAL MINERALS. Other Barite deposits are located in the departments of Cundinamarca, Santander, Cauca and Cesar.

Technical Epecifications

Average Chemical Analysis

0.26% CaO

SiO2 5.03%

1.26% Al2O3

Fe2O3 0.63%

SO3 31.26

% MgO 0.07

% K2O 0.29%

0.17% Na2O

Mn2O3 0.05%

59.89% BaO

PF (1150 ° c) 0.89%


91.15% BaSO4